Ok, so a little bit of a warning for you wonderful people who joined this journey.  I am a HUGE animal lover!!  I hate to see any animal in need or in trouble.  Just breaks my heart!  As a child I always wanted to be a Veterinarian.  This, even after a horrific accident that resulted in my having to have the left side of my face rebuilt from the skull out.  I was about 6, and playing with a neighbors dog in their yard with their son, who was my age.  Now this beautiful, white coated pooch was the sweetest thing out there.  As fate can be a fickle bitch sometimes, she decided to throw a lightning bolt at the street light out in front of the house.  The dog freaked and lunged as I pulled back.  Her top canine went in my eye, her bottom one by my mouth.  See ripped my face open from my tear duct to just below my ear.  I was a half a centimeter from losing my eye.  A great reconstructive surgeon, and weeks of looking like the dread pirate Roberts (Geekery there) all was good.  I have no major scars or residual trauma.  Just one small scar, on the left side of my mouth, in the shape of a lightning bolt.  Remind you of someone?

Fast forward to today.  I have had quite a few major setbacks on my road to Vet med.  Some my own choices, others that were made for me by others.  I am kicking 40’s door as we speak, but I WILL NOT give, up my dream!

So to make a long post even longer, you will see from time to time some very graphic images of animals in need.  Petitions that I have signed or a creature in need.  Please, I will try to give warning that the picture is ahead, but please help if you can, scroll by if you can’t.  There will also be information about other causes close to my heart & health from time to time.

As you may have guessed from the blog title, I suffer from chronic pain, also known as Fibromyalgia.  This little gem of a disease, disorder, syndrome or whatever the hell they’re calling it today, has completely and totally screwed up my plans for life.  But I will survive ohh as long as i know how…sorry, had a moment.  You get the drift.

~Hugs Lovebugs