For the last several days I have watched with all of you as tragedies have played out on TV and on social media.  I, along with thousands of others watched the video of #AltonSterling being executed like a rabid dog by two Baton Rouge police officers for selling CD’s.  Not 24 hours later again we watched #PhilandoCastile be shot 4 times for complying with a officer’s directions.  All while his 4 year old daughter and fiance  watched in horror as he bleed out in the car.

Within a matter of hours, it seems, there was another police shooting of an unarmed teen while laying prone on the ground.  Finally, during a peaceful protest where protesters and police alike were gathered to celebrate the lives of those taken by these unspeakable acts, that another equally unspeakable act occurred when a sniper choose to open fire on the march, shooting 11 officers, killing 5.  As well as 2 civilian wounded.  This person decided to become judge, jury and executioner of lives that had nothing to do with the tragedies of the days before.

Because of the digital world we live in, we have been witness to acts of violence that will imprint into our psyche for the rest of our lives.  We are a world of PTSD survivors who are a part if history in the making.  It is up to us to work as generations before to do better.  To leave a more harmonious, peaceful future for generations to come.  Yet at the same time, this fight is a fight than none before have ever faced.  The fact that the rise of police violence against the very citizens they are sworn to protect, the very people we tell our children to respect and run to for help are the same who we warn our son’s to beware of.  Philando Castile was taught to do as the police tell you.  Comply without argument, yet when he did the very thing he was taught by his mother, he was still shot by police.

In the coming days I urge everyone to be vigilant, yet peaceful.  Be a little bit like Martin and a little bit like Malcolm.  I urge all to speak up against racism, because if you see something, but don’t say anything you have become part of the problem.  Yes, you can be pro-black and pro-police at the same time. A tweet that came across my timeline today said it best

Let’s not become the monster we are fighting.